Central Harlem Church Plant

Our Mission

Build bridges that lead to reconciliation


Free Screening - JUNE 28TH


***SEATING IS LIMITED - GET YOUR TICKETS NOW*** The Gathering cares about both souls and bodies. That's why we're hosting a free screening and conversation about I Am Not Your Negro, the recent documentary chronicling Harlem native, James Baldwin. It's a powerful reflection on race in America in Baldwin's own words.

Join us for the domentary & conversation afterward: 
Wednesday, June 28th at 6:45pm
Dwyer Cultural Center
258 St. Nicholas (on 123rd between St. Nick & Fredrick Douglass)


Join Us

Join us for our weekly Bible Study at the Dwyer Cultural Center. It's a dope art space right in the heart of Harlem. We'll get to know one another, study the Bible and have some great discussion. Don't worry about food - we'll feed you! Hope to see you there.

Wednesdays at 7p

Dwyer Cultural Center
258 St. Nicholas Ave. #2
New York, NY 10027


“This church will be for the gentrified and gentrifier, the block and the brownstone, and we will care about the salvation of souls and bodies in Harlem.”




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